Transition Zone & Seabed Seismic

Triggerfish transition zone and seabed systems link multi-vessel crews using high performance radio networks. All activities from initial scouting to receiver deployment, acoustic positioning and source acquisition are integrated within the Triggerfish system. The system supports centralised control of survey parameters and fleet-wide visibility of operations.

  • Centralised distribution of geodetics, tide, preplot & mapping data.
  • Remote task set-up, remote QC displays, Safety MOB and Zonal alarms.
  • Multiple source vessels.
  • Remote timing QC and header transfer.
  • Simultaneous shooting and acoustic positioning.
  • Source/recorder synchronisation by embedded GNSS clocks with microsecond precision.
  • Receiver deployment fixing by manual, auto or RFID fix.
  • USBL guided deployment.
  • Cable management/inventory.
  • Simultaneous deploying/pinging.
  • Receiver positioning by range-range and USBL acoustics. Real-time update of receiver positions.
  • Remote, real-time SPS update of receiver positions.
  • Quality reports and remote quality and status displays.
  • SPS, P190, P294, Px11, SPS Extended and customs file outputs.